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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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recall. we don't do public opinion polls. we don't do "i hate him, get hime out." we do a recall election and if people want him removed, that is out it goes. not by using a method discredited by their own lack of enforcement. [chime] >> supervisors, today i was at the mta metropolitan transportation agency meeting. three supervisors and ed reiskin put in a lot of work, and hopefully, soon, our young people will be able to ride muni free, but nothing comes free. what i have stayed here is that
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somehow, we have to be able to work with a private industry to get some infusion into the mta to make this possible. the burden should not be pitting one operation against the other. the gentleman before me says we are involved in what he called freedom of information act. a lot of it comes from our previous work working with the federal government. it is always interesting to see how some supervisors want to circumvent giving the public an opportunity to express themselves or trying to use the ethics commission or some other convoluted agencies within the city government to harm or adversely impact some citizens.
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whether you like it or not, if you choose to represent, you are held to standards, and there are some supervisors who do not understand that, even though they take all their orientation, the ethics orientation -- they do not understand it. public comment is important. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> the ndaa -- mark trout, former candidate for city council, district 9, san jose. how are you?
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the national defense authorization act, alex jones was interviewed on january 10 year terribly treason as unconstitutional bit of legislation that says that if somebody calls you a terrorist, you can now be held indefinitely without a trial, tortured, were killed by our military. i think about kaifu's, the high priest, and his profession that he made in the 11th chapter of john when he said, "you know nothing of all more consider that it is expedient for you that one man should die in that the whole nation should die." this, he spake not knowing it was a prophecy about the work of christ. he accused christ and his followers in essence of being terrorists, didn't he? he was saying that if we allow jesus to live -- by the way, the bible says, from that day, they
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plotted his death -- that he would so stir up the romans against us that they will destroy our city. this was a charge totally untrue. christ said even to go so far as to turn the other cheek when stricken and to pray for their persecutors and those that hated them. it was an untruth charge, saying that christ and his followers basically were terrorists. supervisor chiu: thank you. next singer. >> mark was going to sing, but i guess he did not get a chance to. welcome. good afternoon. i have graphics.
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there it is. ♪ extra, extra don't be late you cannot wait at the x-factor auditions it is going to be great at the city's main event ♪ i think it is at the cal palace. i'm not sure. and -- ♪ don't you love this city madly? don't you want to give your heart gladly? tell me what you say tell me what you say don't you love this city as you are walking out your city hall door like you did 10,000 times ♪ -- i have graphics. ♪ before ♪ boy, is this an old door
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knocker. and it is the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake again almost. here is a piece of the melted metal from the graphics. ♪ i feel the earth move under my city feet i feel the sky tumbling down i feel my heart starts to assemble in when the city burns it is in back then 0, city, when i want you say it is always like the month of may won't you make it that way i feel the city to earth move under my feet i feel the sky burning it down ♪
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>> supervisors, when the board had considered a resolution criticizing the israeli raid on the gossip flotilla two years ago, supervisor elsbernd voiced his opposition, saying he did not believe his constituents elected him to be weighing in on a blockade in the middle of the mediterranean -- supervisor chiu: if you could please address your comments to all the members of the board, it would be appreciated. those are our board rules. >> mr. elsbernd stated he thought his constituents had elected him to balance the new budget, filling potholes, taking care of the city. the board is considering a resolution criticizing the turkish government for an alleged failure to condemn the actions of the ottoman empire
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taken against its armenian subject. since you are weighing in on a historical -- historical controversy in the eastern mediterranean, does that mean the muni budget has been balanced and all the pot holes in the city have been filled? it is not as though president obama and secretary of state clinton who need to keep's support are going to listen to you anyway. -- who need turkey's support. the u.s. needs turkey more than turkey needs us. do you really think turkey is going to listen to a bunch of insignificant in willie brown's words pantywaist politicians and lectured them about their history? last year, kim kardashian, america's most famous armenian american, appeared on a magazine cover. if she, who is more intelligent
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in generally held public esteem than yourselves, and let bygones be bygones, why can you not give armenia a rest this year? thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i did not have any intent to speak this afternoon because i was hoping to meet the three or four ladies that i met about a month ago where we expressed our opinions about ross mirkarimi. they are not here this afternoon, but i'm sure they will extract the information via television or whatever. i just wanted to say a couple of things. on april 23, which is next week monday, at 5:30 in room 400, here in city hall, will be the
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ethics commission meeting. i will be speaking before the commission next week monday, and i hope that they will join me in delivering the messages. i do not have their phone numbers, so hopefully, they will get this information. i also wanted to say that though mrs. mirkarimi is in venezuela on a personal matter regarding her dad that the board of supervisors will summon heard to speak via satellite. because there's only two witnesses to what occurred december 24, 2011. that is her version and ross
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mirkarimi. equitable justice is really important, and i hope you will remember that. i will be back when you all will meet -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you very much. excuse me, you need to speak up into the microphone if you are speaking for public comment. so if we could hear from our next speaker please. >> having a year. overhead, please. exactly four years ago today --
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does this is home any more? i guess not. i started attending the planning commission. they were doing the last year of a seven-year plan called the eastern neighborhoods, and what i decided -- i made a judgment call after living in my neighborhood and my apartment for 19 years, i made a judgment call when i decided that i did not want to happen in my neighborhood what was happening with the eastern neighborhood plan. we got nowhere because the eastern neighborhood plan decided what i was asking for was part of the environmental act, and that was the environmental act of the section of the bill, and that have been finished the year before. we went to the land use commission, and there, one of the supervisors decided that it
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would be good to catch the noise instead of at an apartment but containing it at the source. then what happened was a great orchestrator said we would abide by what happens while tom ammiano was pushing a bill, and four of us in this room heard him say it in the corner of the room that this was just the beginning of the conversation about noise. i still hold to my judgment call that this judgment is still better for the city then what is going on. it will not cost the city anything, and it increases the quality of life, and it makes the whole city and even player. hopefully i will be back. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. executive director of library users association. i certainly wanted to second the previous speakers -- some of the previous speakers, but particularly ray hart. it seems as though the supervisors and the city seemed to be continuing in an unfortunate tradition of literally calling the cops on critics. the rest of my comments, i would like to address toward the bernal heights library branch miro. last week, i reported that the sunshine task force had ruled in favor of library uses association unanimously on a number of cases, including one
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concerning supervisor david campos' violating open government laws by redacting contact information and providing information late. we requested his bernal heights branch library mural file, and he responded unlawfully late, and also, more importantly, unlawfully redacted information from the file. there is some good news with respect to that mural as well, which i'm glad to report, and that is that the current edition, april 12, 2012, has a nice spread on page 8, with respect to -- it is called painting over neighbor heard history, and it has some nice historic pictures -- overhead, please. it has some nice pictures inside of the existing merrill -- mural
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when it was young and fresh and the existing mural as it unfortunately is now. do not know what is going on with the light, but -- also text. [bell rings] supervisor chiu: and you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. the president of united states of america, president of the united states of america, only contact people in compromising with the presidential politicking good afternoon of the standard of regulations and laws in jesus christ, i ain't
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got beat the devil and god -- but the main thing is -- see, the thing is, the regulations of a good board to help schools out and would help mental illness people, and physical education is good, so keep that in schools. recycling is good. basically, just have a good world. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> nice note to and on. i just wanted to speak briefly in regards to the comments that an individual made earlier about the board taking opinions on public or international affairs. i just want to appreciate the board for always taking courageous stands on things that happen on the state level or national level or international level the impact our very
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international city, and those other issues that we care about very much. thank you. supervisor chiu: are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public, it? seeing none, general public comment is closed. good to go to the general accounting calendar. >> items 24 through 27 are considered for immediate adoption. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote unless a number of the public request an item be separated. supervisor chu: 25. supervisor chiu: if we could take a roll-call vote on the balance. supervisor campos: aye. supervisor chiu: aye. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor farrell: aye. supervisor kim: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor wiener: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. >> there are 10 aye.s supervisor chiu: those
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resolutions are adopted. >> and 25 is a resolution approving the community needs assessment developed by the department of children, youth, and families. supervisor chu: we just need to change the title to substitute the title with children's services allocations fun. i move that amendment and ask for the item to be continued for one week. supervisor chiu: the motion has been i'm -- seconded by -- second. today the motion -- if we could take the motion that discussion? that will be the case. if we could continue it to april 24 without objection. that shall be the case. madam clerk, could you read the in memoriams? >> today's meeting will be
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adjourned on behalf of the following 11 individual, the late ms. delores marie voss. supervisor chiu: is there any more business in front of this body? >> that concludes our business. supervisor chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. >> everyone deserves a bank account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account. everyone is welcome, even if you are not a u.s. citizen or have bad credit.
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